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General Practice:

mv2-small-dog-01Dr. Warren provides all life stages of veterinary care from the rambunctious puppy and kitten to the elderly pet. Dr. Warren shares a special interest and love for the well-being and quality of life of our senior pets and this is a significant part of her practice. There are now many options to relieve the common ailments of our elderly pet, and all are available through Mountain Vet to Pet, including rehabilitation services. The environment and layout of our clinic minimizes an anxious pets experience. This is accomplished by providing large open, inviting exam rooms to every pet hospitalized being provided a teddy, and fleece blanket in their spotless holding area. The clinic maintains an "open," warm layout allowing all pets to be constantly observed by staff and facilitating certain procedures to be observed by a pet's caregiver if desired. In the event that your pet needs a surgical procedure or hospitalization at our facility, accommodating the subtle and not so subtle special needs of the pet will be provided which include a quiet, pleasant environment with a limited amount of fellow patients, extra comfy beds, soothing music and plenty of TLC from familiar, kind faces.

Home veterinary care:

Dr Warren also provides in home veterinary care. There are many reasons to consider at home veterinary care. Many pets are anxious at the veterinary office experiencing an unfamiliar environment that result in creating an anxious experience for them. Many pets, especially cats, find being placed in a travel crate and a drive to the veterinary office extremely stressful for them and their owners. Some of our clients are housebound themselves making these essential visits for their pets very difficult to coordinate. Home veterinary care is provided Monday through Thursday midday during our regular business hours.

Canine and Feline Rehabilitation Services:

Dr. Warren is currently completing her certification through the University of Tennessee CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) program. Dr. Warren utilizes passive therapy with state of the art rehabilitation equipment, including a treadmill specific for dogs. An underwater treadmill is planned to be added to the facility in 2016, further expanding these services.

Class IV Therapeutic K-Laser:

K-Laser Therapy is a drug free, pain free, surgery free treatment option. Laser therapy utilizes specific wavelengths of light to create therapeutic effects such as, improved healing time, pain reduction, and decreased swelling. This option is available for the treatment of many types of issues including osteoarthritis, soft tissue injury, and chronic wounds. Improvement is seen over a period of several treatments, although improvement seen with only one or two treatments is not unlikely. Patients typically express greater comfort and mobility within a day after receiving laser treatment.

Laser therapy treatment requires no patient sedation or restraint which creates a more relaxing treatment environment. Laser therapy is often used with other forms of therapy including drug therapy and acupuncture. Dr. Warren can recommend a treatment plan specific to your pet’s needs. All laser therapy is performed by our K-laser certified technicians.

Click below to watch an introduction video to K-Laser Therapy.


The decision to end your pets suffering is a very hard one to make. The emotional stress on the owner and pet to drive to a veterinary office for this end of life procedure can be emotionally devastating for all involved. By providing the option of euthanasia at home for your terminally ill pet, Dr. Warren can allow your pet’s peaceful parting in a familiar environment surrounded by those he or she loves. In the event a euthanasia is scheduled in clinic, a private, comfortable more secluded area is provided to ease the anxiety of both the pet and their caregiver.